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How to extend the service life of hot rolled pulleys?

2019/9/6 10:56:22      click´╝Ü
    Hot rolledpulleyIt has its own characteristics, such as high strength, but it is usually used for maintenance, which increases its service life after the equipment.
    Every useHot rolledpulleyAfter that, we all want to clean, such as its use orbit cleaning, etc., because mostpulleyIn use, there will be sticky materials sticking topulleyThe track, so we have to keep it clean, regularly with lubricating oil, so that we can keep it from staying in the working part of the rotating shaft.
    forHot rolledpulleyFor cleaning, pay attention to whether it has rusted parts. If so, it should be repaired and fastened in time. The surface of the roller will not be oxidized, because most equipment is easily oxidized when exposed to rust. .
    OnHot rolledpulleyCheck, regularly or irregularly check whether there is a problem with the wire, if there is a problem, it should be dealt with in time, if it is not dealt with in time, and check the part after use, only in this way can it be guaranteed that it is used for a long time.