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Detailed explanation of the processing and forming process of hot-rolled pulleys

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      Hot rolling is to soften the alloy at a temperature higher than the recrystallization temperature of the metal alloy to form a thin slice or billet-like cross section under the action of the pressing wheel. Although the physical shape has changed, it does not change the physical properties of the alloy.Hot rolledpulleyThe processing process is not just hot rolling, there are also a series of processing procedures to increasepulleyStrength and increase dimensional accuracy.
  After hot-rolling, the alloy material needs to be cold-rolled to change the physical properties of the alloy and make it consistent in performance.pulleyThe actual requirements of the application.The cold rolling process is to recrystallize the material that has been processed by hot rolling and other processes. When the temperature is lower than the recrystallization temperature, the material is further rolled with a pressing wheel, and the material is set according to the expected setting during the recrystallization process. get on.After repeated cold pressing-recrystallization-annealing-cold pressing (repeated 2 to 3 times), the metal molecules in the material are changed to form an alloy material, and the physical properties are changed.and soHot rolledpulleyThe surface of the product is good, and the product precision is also high in the size of the product.In addition, after hot rolling and other processes, the performance and other characteristics of the product can make functional requirements.
  In industrial productionHot rolledpulleyThe treatment is mainly produced through the above process, which has a great effect on increasing the quality of the product.CurrentlypulleyThe products have been used in small machinery, automobiles and other fields, and the application in heavy lifting equipment has broad room for development.