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Cast steel pulley introduces you to the characteristics of lifting products

2018/8/25 9:52:52      click:
In our lives, we often see the use of some lifting equipment. When using lifting equipment, we often use somepulley, Cast steelpulleyIt is one of the machines that are often used with hoisting machinery. Let’s take a look at its characteristics.
1. Lifting objects are generally small in size, easy to organize, and can complete lifting and horizontal movements.   
2. There are many kinds of heavy objects carried by lifting objects, and the load is changed.Some heavy objects weigh hundreds of tons to thousands of tons, and some objects are tens of meters long and have very irregular shapes. There are loose particles, hot melt shapes, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, etc., and the transportation process is messy and dangerous.   
3. Some lifting objects need to work in a larger space, some need to install tracks and wheels; some need to be equipped with tires or crawlers to walk under the ground; some need to walk under a wire rope, which has more space for movement. Large, once the incident constitutes the impact of the area is also larger.   
4. Some lifting objects need to directly carry people on the guide rails, channels or steel wire ropes. 
5. There are many moving parts exposed by lifting objects, and they are often directly touched by lifting workers, potentially many occasionally dangerous elements.   
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